If I could suspend time in this moment
could I find happiness?

Would the still figures in the street provide company
or isolate me further?

Could I observe the stationary flight of birds
and hear the rustling of an unmoving tree?

And is water so motionless
that I can walk across it like concrete?

Should I find happiness
knowing that nothing will ever change?

As I create stories in the stillness
and make the frozen world my stage


I have become quite obsessed with thinking about time since being diagnosed, which is where the concept of this poem came from. By suspending time, you may be able to stop certain negative realisations from occurring in the world. These may be fairly trivial, such as avoiding confronting a close friend over something that they have said to you that you did not like. In my case, I contemplated the cancer. By suspending time, I would not be allowing myself the chance to potentially get better, but it also guarantees my life, along with the lives of all of my friends and family around me. But I would not have the opportunity to enjoy any of those things if they are truly suspended, so would it make it happy?

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